Content Authenticity and Digital Forensics

By Chad Tilbury on September 7, 2011 in Forensics Jobs — Leave a comment

Since I do a lot of teaching, I make a point of keeping tabs on the latest job trends in digital forensics.   I like to be versed in what qualifications, experience, and certifications are most important to employers.  Hence when recruiters call, I pick their brains and often try to help them find a good candidate.  I was recently contacted regarding an intriguing job.  The job title is Director of Content Authenticity and it is a digital forensics role that I hadn’t previously considered.

A vast number of businesses now employ crowd-sourced comments, reviews, and activities to drive sales.  I don’t remember the last online purchase I made that didn’t involve reading reviews.  But how do you maintain the quality and integrity of that social commentary?  Once its authenticity comes into question, its value quickly shrinks to zero.  This is a very real problem that some organizations are taking seriously while others are likely trying to ignore.  For instance, I have friends in the restaurant business who opine that Yelp does a good job filtering out those who try to game the ratings system.  I imagine Amazon similarly devotes significant resources.  (Bonus: which digital forensics book has the current ratings shown in the feature image?)  It is an interesting problem that pits evil doers with botnet armies at their disposal against investigators encumbered with distributed environments and massive amounts of network traffic.  Organizations who fare well in this battle will almost certainly find it to be a key differentiator.  And who better to help solve the problem than someone with a security background that can audit and help improve applications while monitoring and investigating anomalies?

Interested?  The job I was contacted about is the Director of Content Authenticity for Bazaarvoice in Austin, Texas.  They are looking to fill a senior position for the following:

“This person will also be responsible for the collaboration and coordination of Content Authenticity activities in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC to ensure consistent, authentic content is delivered to all clients of Bazaarvoice.”

“This individual should be very familiar with various operating systems, the investigation of computer intrusions, internet fraud, e-commerce fraud, and have extensive experience with managing and leading people.”

“Responsible for building and maintaining a world-wide computer forensic infrastructure that provides Bazaarvoice with the maximum speed and flexibility needed to respond to and conduct computer forensic initiatives.”

You can email the recruiter here.  Send me a note if you get the job!

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