International Cyber Defense Workshop (ICDW) 2011

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International Cyber Defense Workshop

The string of financial disasters gripping the globe over the past few years is undeniable proof of the interconnected world that we now live in.  Of course, that comes as no surprise to those of us who investigate computer crimes.  I can’t remember a case I have worked on that didn’t have an IP address (or malware) sourcing back to a foreign entity.  The same technology that has increased our productivity and enhanced our quality of life has opened our doors to anyone with an Internet connection.  While many of the voices in the security world seem to be focused on improving domestic security, a key point gets missed: security in a massively interconnected world requires international cooperation and ultimately a global solution.  As an example, the FBI and US Secret Service have been very successful in recent years proving that they can reach out and touch international cyber criminals.  This simply would not be possible without the cooperation and support of foreign governments, courts and law enforcement.  Computer crime is a global phenomenon that can’t be kept in check without international cooperation

Given all of this, I was pleased to be invited to speak at this year’s International Cyber Defense Workshop (ICDW).  This marks the ninth year of the conference and over 40 partner countries and national defense organizations are expected to participate.  The conference consists of six days of training and includes a hands-on cyber exercise challenge, allowing international teams to compete.  Rob Lee and I will be representing the SANS Institute at the event.  I will be giving my talk, Hiding in Plain Sight: Forensic Techniques to Counter the Advanced Persistent Threat.   Rob will be presenting two talks: Deadliest Hack: State of Security and Memory Analysis for Incident Responders and Forensic Analysts.

ICDW 2011 runs November 6-11, 2011.  Interested in more information?  Online information is sparse, but IAnewsletter ran an informative article on the conference in its Spring 2011 edition (IAnewsletter Vol 14 No 2).

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