PFIC: Paraben’s Forensic Innovations Conference 2011

By Chad Tilbury on July 25, 2011 in Computer Forensics, Incident Response — 1 Comment

I am pleased to announce that my talk was accepted at Paraben’s Forensic Innovations 2011 conference (PFIC).  I will be speaking on Computer Intrusion Forensics:  Tools and Techniques to Find Evil.  This will be my third year speaking at the event, and I have grown to look forward to it as a great way to round out the year.  Paraben does an excellent job with consistently good speakers and interesting topics.  The conference price is unbeatable at $299, and it doesn’t hurt that it is being held at a great resort in my hometown  (Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah).  If you will be attending, make sure to get in touch so we can meet up!

  • PFIC 2011 Agenda
  • Harlan Carvey posted about his upcoming PFIC talk here.

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  1. Great job Chad! I’d make it there if I could but I think I’ll busy working in Melbourne.

    Good luck!!

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