Windows 8 / Server 2012 Memory Forensics

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With Memoryze 3.0, the folks at Mandiant hit their mid-summer goal to roll out memory analysis support for Windows 8 (x86 and x64) and Server 2012 (x64). While support has not yet been rolled into Redline collector scripts, data collected by Memoryze can be loaded and analyzed in the Redline interface.  This is no real surprise since Memoryze is the back-end collection and analysis tool that Redline relies upon.

You can dump Windows memory and process your memory image with the following commands (run MemoryDD.bat from a removable device and Process.bat on your forensic box):

MemoryDD.bat -output E:\ 

Process.bat -input memory.img -handles true -sections true -ports true -imports true -exports true -injected true -strings true

To perform live memory analysis and take advantage of capabilities like digital signature, MD5, and MemD5 checks, run the Process.bat directly on a live system without the “-input” parameter

Process.bat -output E:\ -handles true -sections true -ports true -imports true -exports true -injected true -strings true -digsig true -MD5 true -MemD5 true

If you have used Redline before, these options should look familiar since Redline simply provides a GUI and builds a similar command line in the background.

Redline vs. Memoryze

Redline vs. Memoryze Parameters

The results of Process.bat (stored in .\Audit by default) can be opened in Redline using the “From a Collector” option under “Analyze Data”.  Just point it to the folder with the Process.bat results.

Redline Collector

To build the Memoryze collection scripts on a portable device you can use the method covered in the Memoryze user guide (below) or just install MemoryzeSetup.msi on your forensic system and copy the resulting x32 and x64 folders to your device.

msiexec /a MemoryzeSetup.msi /qb TARGETDIR=

This entire process evokes some nostalgia, taking us back to the days when Redline was first released.  Don’t get too comfortable with it as my guess is native support within Redline is only a release away.

In addition to Win8 support, expect a big upgrade in network connection identification including IPv6 support and improved carving of closed network connections resident in memory.  Download the update here.

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